▪️ No. We only offer original English driver’s licenses. With a UK driver’s license, you can legally drive not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. Practically speaking, there is no need for driving documents from other countries.

▪️ After you place your order, filling out the form, pay (using your prefered payment method), and send us complete information including your photo and signature, we begin the procedures, which usually take about 7 business days.

▪️ The finished document will be sent via the United Kingdom Royal Mail to the address you provide.

▪️ Yes, once your package is shipped, we will provide you with a unique tracking number so you can track your shipment in real time. You will have full control and awareness of where your ordered driver’s license is at any given time.

▪️ English driver’s licenses, of course, are shipped from the UK 🙂 If you need some reship service from some other specific country, let us know so maby we could help you.

▪️ We accept all payment methods that are convenient for the customer, but we recommend cryptocurrencies the most. With our service you receive an official English driving document, however, we use “unofficial” procedures. We also accept bank transfers, card payments and various other types of payments. Just ask us what kind you prefer and we will select it for you.
Choosing to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) or LTC or XMR cryptocurrency guarantees greater security and anonymity for both us and our customers and also you can get discount paying with cryptocurrency.

▪️ To order an English driver’s license, write to us or purchase directly through the website. After you write to us directly on telegram/email or after payment, you will receive a special form to fill out. Fill in all the mandatory fields of the order form, such as your name, email address and shipping information. Then make the payment. You will receive an email confirming your order to the email address you provided.
Reply to this email or fill out our form with all the information you need to put on your new English driver’s license, and attach your photo and signature (photo or scan of signature) to the email.

▪️ You will find all the information on the required data on our website. These include your name, date of birth, country of birth, English address of residence and the categories of vehicles that your new English driver’s license will entitle you to drive and the dates you obtained them. In addition, you will need to send us a photo and your signature in the form of a scan or clear photo (Photography doesn’t have to be super professional. Of course, it helps us, but we also have a graphic designer, and in case if the photo from the front camera of the phone in reasonably good quality is taken on a solid background, we are able to create a professional photo from it for the driver’s license).

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What if I accidentally don't send all the necessary information?

▪️ If any of the information necessary for a driver's license is missing from the email you receive, there is no reason to panic. We will let you know that the data is incomplete and indicate specifically what else we need.

What if I don't have an English address?
What if I don't know what exact data to provide (e.g., for dates of specific authorizations and category expiration dates)?
What if the data I have provided is incorrect or erroneous (contrary to UK regulations)?